Bridge Project completes 49th span, and work begins on the 50th!

The WV VOAD Bridge Project has completed its 49th new bridge and work is underway on the 50th! These two bridges are being built for several Clay County families whose private access bridges were destroyed during the June 2016 flood. In one case, homeowners have been stretching an extension ladder across a creek to get back and forth to their home. These new bridges will provide them with a safe route and give them security they haven’t had since the flood. Funding for these specific projects came from multiple organizations, including the West Virginia Conference of The United Methodist Church, Catholic Charities West Virginia, the United Way, the Ohio Conference of the United Church of Christ, the Episcopal Diocese of West Virginia and Presbytery Disaster Assistance. Coordination, case management and permitting work has been done by WV VOAD and volunteer labor was provided by Mennonite Disaster Service. With the help of these and many other WV VOAD member agencies, the Bridge Project has completed bridges in nine counties around the state where flooding has occurred. Thank you to the volunteers who are braving the cold weather and snow to get these projects done and all the organizations that fund them!

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