Apply for Bridge Project Assistance. 

The West Virginia Voluntary Organizations Active in Disaster, Inc. is currently accepting applications for our Bridge Project. 

The purpose of the WV VOAD Bridge Project is to provide families structures that will be as resilient to future storms as possible. Bridges designed to remain under pressure of strong currents are less likely to block the water way and cause flood waters to reach homes. WV VOAD is partnering with local and state Flood Plane Managers, Non-Profit Organizations and our state and federal partners to design the most resilient bridges possible given the limited economic resources.

Before applying for assistance, please have the following documents ready

  1. Proof of Income (Tax Returns, Pay Stubs, or Award Letters.)
  2. Most Recent Bank Statments. (Checking and Savings) 
  3. FEMA and SBA Award our Denial Letters (if applicable)

The above documts will need to be uploaded to the application. Please have them scanned in or if you are using a mobile device with a camera then you can choose to take a photo or upload directly from your library. 

To apply for Bridge Realted Assistance please click… 


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