Disaster Call

The WV VOAD Executive Committee will consider activation of its entire membership when any of the following occur:


1. Full activation of the State of WV’s Emergency Operation Center (EOC)

2. A disaster has occurred with clear-cut long term recovery needs

3. The disaster impacts a number of WV’s communities

4. WV VOAD resources are requested by government agencies


Within 24 hours of a disaster’s occurrence, a conference call will be held to assess the situation. 

This conference call should include:

1. Executive Committee members of WV VOAD

2. State and local government partners

3. FEMA Regional Voluntary Agency Liaison

4. Representatives of voluntary agencies taking the most active roles in the response efforts

The call should address the following topics:

1. Identify affected communities

2. The impact on community

3. Status of response (who and what is being done)

4. Detail most pressing needs and prioritize

5. Share response knowledge and intellectual resource that may immediately aid those in the field to improve their response.

6. Decide if a coordination meeting among VOAD Members be helpful?




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